Hi, I’m Emily, your USOA Teen Utah 2022! I’m so honored to be representing my beUTAHful state, where I was born and raised. Here’s a little about me and my journey with USOA! 

I’m a high school junior taking all honors, CE and AP classes. Academics are my priority, and I strive to maintain a high GPA. I’m a member of the National Honor Society, received the Presidential Academic Achievement Award, and was English Language Department Student of the Year. My career goal is to be a history professor, because I love learning about all periods of history, and what the past can teach us about moving forward. 

My hobbies include sewing, piano and competitive ballroom dance. My ballroom friends are some of my favorite people, and I love being part of our team because we all work harder together for each other. I’ve also been a member of Girl Scouts of Utah since kindergarten, and have earned my Silver and Bronze Awards. Planning to go for the Gold next! One of the reasons I love being a Girl Scout and being involved in Honor Society at my school are the service opportunities with my peers. 

My platform is called “What a Difference a Year Makes” and it’s designed to inspire teens to find their passion through service. The concept is simple: everyone has different interests, goals, and motivations—and honestly, there’s only so much time in the day. But if you dedicate even a few hours or a day each month to making the world a better place, you really can make a big difference. 

I plan to inspire teens throughout the year with a variety of service projects so everyone finds something that resonates with them. I’ve loved working with different organizations since I was little, such as A New Beginning Animal Rescue, Safe Harbor, Friends of Great Salt Lake, and Christmas Box House. My hope is that by volunteering with other teens, we can work through real-world challenges and make meaningful changes that will help them find a lifelong passion for service.

Sometimes the best things can happen when you least expect it. When I signed up for the USOA Teen Utah pageant, I wanted to try something new. I never expected the amazing people I would meet and the opportunities I would gain. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!



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